The Best Of Email Marketing Options For You

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Will 2019 be a big year for your business? That’s probably what you want. You probably want to grow your business by growing your customer base and maybe even targeting new markets.

If you are developing a marketing plan for the New Year, email marketing must be a part of it. In fact, according to a recent DMA (Direct Marketing Association) study, marketing professionals believe that email has never been so important and is constantly evolving. Email is a marketing channel that is constantly evolving. If you want to be successful, you need to evolve your strategies and tactics.

Here are some tips for changing your email marketing strategy and making it effective for 2019 and beyond.

Email marketing is not just newsletters

For many, email marketing is synonymous with newsletter. To be sure of being on the same wavelength, here is a simple definition that comes from the company.

Newsletters are often sent monthly and usually contain several news items. You can find industry news, news about the company, or excerpts from recent blog posts. They are often sent to the entire mailing list.

But in 2019, we must go further than the newsletter. Here are two other types of email that I advise you to include in your strategy.

The one-off email that encourages action

This type of email announces a one-off event or offer. For example, if you are organizing a conference, a networking event, or a special promotion that lasts only a few days, you will send an email to your list (or a segment of your list).

  • The purpose of such an email is to encourage people to take action, such as registering or buying. You will be more successful by sending a dedicated email than if the invitation is hidden in your newsletter among other information.

Automated email

This is an email (or a series of emails) that is sent automatically following an action by a subscriber (register via a form, buy a product, click a link, etc.). We’ll talk more about it in detail a little further down in this article.

For now, let us remember that the newsletter is the base and that we must go further to stand out and be successful in 2019.

More than ever, the key is the content

If you sell directly to consumers (B2C) email is the communication channel par excellence for maintaining a relationship with your customers after the sale, to stimulate additional purchases and increase the frequency of purchase (customer loyalty).

  • If you sell to companies (B2B), email marketing is ideal for nurturing your leads and tipping them to the customer side.

In any case, you need content for all emails. This is often where it hangs for many small businesses. Having an email marketing strategy is therefore necessarily having a content strategy.

Here are some types of content that you can include in your emails:

  • The news, updates or releases of your company or website
  • Polls – To engage your audience and to know it better
  • Videos
  • Anitamed GIFs

If you need software and tools for your email campagin, is a good option for you.